Stumbling FAQs

Here we try to give you an outline of what Stumbling is all about and to anticipate some of your questions. If you’re still not sure if Stumbling is for you, either contact us, or just turn up on one of our regular Stumbling days.

What type of people Stumble?

Just about everybody! Stumblers are of all ages and from all walks of life; their only common characteristics are a positive outlook on life and a friendly, welcoming disposition.

How many people Stumble?

At the time of writing, there are about 30 people on our email list. Turnout for a Stumble varies from about six people to 24!

Are you all frighteningly athletic?

Are you kidding? But most of us are a bit fitter now than we used to be! Fitness levels vary, but our regular Stumbles are aimed to appeal to everybody and we adjust our pace so that everybody enjoys their outing.

What does membership cost?

Absolutely nothing! Money just causes arguments and what would we spend it on? We just pay as we go for car parking, refreshments etc.

Do I have to live in Stilton to be a member?

No. We welcome Stumblers from anywhere within our local region. At the time of writing, we actually have more active members from outside the village than in it! One very active member comes over from Ramsey. It says much about Stumblers’ group spirit that some members continue to play an active role despite having moved away from Stilton. We even have ‘branch offices’ in Buxton and New Zealand!

About the walks

Where do you Stumble?

Surprisingly, there is a wide variety of good walks within 20 minutes drive of Stilton, ranging from picturesque woodland to the ‘big sky’ country of the fens. We are slowly building a useful collection of our favourite Stumbles, some nearby and some further afield..

How far do you Stumble?

Our normal walks are about 5-8 miles. We usually stop for a break half way and invariably Stumble into a pleasant village pub afterwards to relax and refresh ourselves.

But not in the winter, I suppose?

We Stumble all year round. In fact one of our best away weekends was at Cromer during the infamous ‘beast from the east’ blizzard. We had a great time! The secret is having the right kit and just getting out there.

Can I bring my dog?

Well behaved and controlled dogs are certainly welcome. Many walks necessarily cross farmland so you must keep your dog on a lead when in a field containing livestock, when passing through farmyards and when crossing or walking along public roads. Note that it’s your responsibility to get your dog over stiles!

How Stumblers are organised

Who organises the Stumbles?

We have a small ‘committee’ who meet occasionally to plan our calendar and to recce the new walks. Any Stumbler is welcome to suggest and/or lead a walk which they think others would enjoy.

How do we keep in touch?

By email mostly. Our calendar is published here and in SCAN.

Being prepared

Do I need special gear for Stumbling?

Not for our regular Stumbles; just a good pair of walking boots and suitable outdoor clothing for the season. For some tips about clothes and equipment, go to our Stumbling Kit page.

What should I take on a Stumble?

We recommend you have a small backpack (a ‘day pack’) with at least a litre of drinking water and a light snack. An extra item of clothing may be taken in warm weather to prevent you cooling down too much when we stop, space allowed in cold weather to take off a layer once you get warmed up.

Do I need to read a map?

No. All our regular Stumbles are recce’d first.