It came as a bit of a shock when Vicky pointed out that Stumblers were ten years old this year. Ten years! And then Sarah found the scrap of paper on which we wrote our names and emails that evening in Jan’s front room. Like unearthing a Dead Sea scroll…

But we’re always up for a celebration, so what better excuse?

The Old White Hart in Lyddington offers a really good Friday night dinner, bed & breakfast deal, so 14 of us took advantage of its excellent hospitality to eat, drink and reminisce in good company. Even John & Gil, our two recent escapees, drove down from Buxton for the occasion. You can take the man out of the Stumblers, but you never take the Stumblers out of the man!


Saturday’s weather was about as cold, grey and miserable as February gets, but it didn’t stop us from enjoying a Stumble through Stoke Dry and Uppingham, before returning to the Old White Hart for some hot refreshment before heading home.

Here’s to the next ten years; wonder how many more new friends we’ll make?