Well, we eventually got around to upgrading the website. The old one was getting very long in the tooth and various bits didn’t work any more.

So now we have a site that’s Responsive – it should work equally well on your laptop, tablet or even smartphone. And the Contact form now works – sorry for the problem – so we’re open for enquiries again!

In 2013 we bade a sad farewell to our beloved Jan Woodward, who established the Stumblers and did so much to create the group’s happy-go-lucky spirit. We’ve now regrouped, as other members take up the reins of ‘organisation’. This new site reflects our new sense of purpose, but we continue to remember Jan with some of her favourite walks.

Walking is now being actively promoted for its health benefits – we’ll drink to that! But it’s also great for your social life. Walkers seem to share a universally positive outlook on life. So why not make a New Year’s Resolution that you can keep? Join our friendly group and discover not only new friends but some of England’s quiet corners.

See you at the Pump?